Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of My Illness Story - Part Two

So..where did the story stopped..oh rite, I was screaming in pain..

Told hubby, let's go to the Az-zahrah hospital!, after Subuh prayer which was done in agony, I'm waiting for hubby to perform his prayer while looking after Nazif who was roaming the floor, picking up whatever objects that came his way..( see..tgh critical ni lah, my boy pun sibuk terbeliak biji mata). Actually he woke up due to his demand not being fulfilled which is mummy's milk..huhuhu..

Luckily the hospital was 5 minutes away..straightly being wheeled to the emergency section, and being checked by the doctor on duty. At this time, the doctor still cannot identify my appendix, thus I was only given medicine to relieve my stomach pain. My blood sample was taken, and I got infection. They also requested me to the urine test, but at that time I can hardly got up from the bed to go the toilet!

After some time, my pain was still there. so they have to admit me. But dang! It was full house..I've got to find another hospital..( masa ni rasa mcm dah takleh bernyawa dah...). Luckily, an-nur was available, so they wheeled me to an-nur to be admitted..

At an-nur, I was wheeled into the emergency area..have my urine sample taken. The doctor came, check my was hard! Almost confirmed it was appendix..then I was given pethadine and I was sorta in lala land for a while. After that, everything was in some sort of daze, being warded..and I managed to get some sleep..

At last, at 12.45 p.m. I was ready at the OT, ready to be operated by surgeon that turned out to be my neighbour..

Alhamdulilah, the operation went well. It turned out my appendix has already ruptured@burst and the nanah has already spread in my colon area and has reached the liver, causing the liver to swell ( thus the difficulty in breathing)..Stayed in the hospital for three nights and later on went back to parent's house in Seremban..

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Baby Lyana

takutnya dengar! myself pun ade gastrik..kena check ni, takut2 tak perasan..


well written honey..that was what exactly happened that day. nasib baik daddy cool and steady jer...hehe


ida,how r u now?take care ye!


Alhamdulillah...semuanya dah ok...