Wednesday, May 19, 2010

23 Months Young

Last Monday, my boy turns 23 months! Another one month, then he'll be two!! Oh I certainly hope, we could bypass the terrible two stage, or did we already in that stage? Hummm....

  • He can now sometimes speak in 4 words sentences. Mummy, nak pi bakang (belakang), or Daddy, minum ni pulak.. 
  • He still afraid of a barber, or anything to do with haircut..we kept persuading him , let Daddy cut his hair, but no..he would scream and cried! So rambut dah panjang gila skrg nih.. 
  • Oh, he certainly can throw tantrums and be very2 hard headed..If he refused to something, he kept saying Nanak and sometimes to the extend of thumping his feet, can you believe it? This terribly tested our patience, I tell you..that's why I thought he's already started his 'Terrible Two' Stage..
  • He can operate the dvd and change the TV setting to DVD mode by there we have Barney and Barney..all over..letihs mak!
  • Potty training? Not yet..the Mummy's not ready, hahaha..well he could tell when he's having the big business, he kept playing with his diaper straps or sometimes refused to wear them..I know I know that's some of the sign..but I'll give him sometime, maybe duirng my confinement I can start to fully train him.But still I'm in no rush. 

Oh time really flies, aren't they? Sometimes I wish I could just freeze the time especially during this 12-24 months time, because these time by baby truly grows up!!

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now comes another challenging times for mummy and daddy...sorry Nazif if we use too many veto power on you...but the thing for sure is because we LOVE you..


I read somewhere jgn start potty train if he is going through new phase in life mcm dpt adik baru ke, mommy/daddy tgh sibuk tukar keje ke..baru pindah rumah ke for example..

maybe if you want to potty train, better do it now before the new baby comes out..some people take 1-2 week leave to potty train sebab that is definitely a big phase for them to be a big boy :)

on barber issue, we brought our son potong kat a cut above sunway pyramid, kena 25 inggit..but stylist cun n baik, pandai amik ati budak..pastu dorang ada 2 ekor ride yg budak boleh duduk atas tu sambil potong rambut..agak menarik jugak la..try la..kot2 nazif suka :)


Daddy : Sama-samalah kita bersabar

MQ:Thank for the tips!