Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Very Fishy Day

We had a blast at Aquaria KLCC last Monday. Actually it was hubby's birthday, so it was some kind of celebration too..This is our first time by the way..sib baik ade anak, kalo tak mmg tak jejak le tempat nih..hehe..

We were among the earliest too..hehehe..semangat oh..we had to wait for about 15 minutes before they opened.So, we take-take picture first laaa...

The first thing that we saw was the red belly piranhas..the meat eater creatures. They had this contest for visitor, to guess how much time those fishes could clear up their meal. And yeah, I won! 

Then, proceed to other areas. By this time Nazif no longer sat on his stroller..huhu..larik sana, larik sini..but one thing for sure,he's quite afraid of those big-big lah selama ni tgk ikan dlm aquarium kecik sajer..culture shock gitu.

The best part was of course in the tunnel..hehe..we got sharks and stingrays over our head..yeah baby! Mermaid? Nope we don't see them! Right after the tunnel we managed to catch up with feeding session from the two divers. UNFORTUNATELY, Nazif was very very scared ! He even closed his eyes ( nasib baik tak jerit jerit) and said..Abang takut!! Kesian anak Mummy!!

After all the sight seeing and chasing, we had a hearty meal at Manhattan Fish market..yeah fish..that's why a fishy day indeed..

Before we headed back, had a pit stop at Parkson for the birthday boy's gift..Happy Birthday dear..wish to have more birthdays with you!

The End..

2 apples:

Baby Lyana

best..nanti nak bawak Lyana plak! eh eh..perut ida dah nampak la....


apa la Nazif ni..tengok fish pun time daddy bawak pergi zoo pulak..kita tengok elephant.