Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sleeping Arrangement

Last Monday, I managed to catch up the Nanny911 show. This week the parents asked for the nanny's help to let their sons be more independent or as the Nanny said as TOUGH LOVE i.e eating on their own, sleeping on their own bed and a few more.

Well that makes me think of my next target : To train my boy to sleep on his own bed.

With another baby coming, our queen size bed definitely cannot cater for another one. Even now, we practically squeezed ourselves into the bed. Yah, blame for me for not putting my son on his own crib before, and tough love is tough, is nice maaa..

We have a single bed in our spare room; which I plan to bring it inside our room. Yup, still in the same room but different bed. I'm so not ready to let him sleep on other room than ours. So Daddy, when is it this plan can be materialized?

3 apples:

Baby Lyana

oh oh! Lyana dulu tido dlm baby coat x sampai 2 bulan...lepas ajer balik kg, tido satu tilam..balik kl, terus tak mau tido dlm baby, sampai sekang nak tido 1 katil...dia tido separuh katil, mummy daddy tido lagi separuh katil...camner nak kasi tido asing ni...maybe buat cam you, masukkan single bed in the same room..the problem is, lyana nak org peluk bila tido..ohh susahnya


Shaf : Sama la kes dgn Nazif ni..tak smpi 2 bulan dok baby cot. Ni pun bila nak tido siap kena ada daddy n mummy dok sebelah dia. Single bed pun plan nak letak rapat2 ngan katil we all..harap2 berjaya lah.

Baby Lyana

masalahnya, my single bed rendah..sebab that was my sofa bed dulu! hmmm...camner nak masuk lg soghang, kena paksa tido baby coat la kot..