Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Will This Phase End?

Ever since he turned TWO, his behaviour is really testing our patience as the parents. Maybe its the transition period for all of us ever since hubby started on his new job, or maybe its the terrible two phase. Emmmm...*sigh*.

For example, for the last two days, I picked him up from the nursery. When we reached home, hubby's not home yet. He was crying and screaming for Daddy and refused to go inside the house. His cried could be heard for a few blocks of houses..oh anak! I think it lasted more than 15 minutes and luckily hubby arrived home shortly after that.

And if one of us is not around, for example I went upstairs and he was playing downstairs with his Daddy, in a few seconds you can expect him to say, Mummy mana? followed by his cry. Then if hubby sent him upstairs and he went back downstairs, you can expect him to say Daddy mana? and followed by crying. Its like he wants both of us to be there..

This was taken during one of the crying moments..

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Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya

this is what they call the terrible two.. its just a phase...just A PHASE...


Mama-Miya : Yes, that's what keeping me sane..pastu buat2 pekak telinga part melalak tuh..

Baby Lyana

hmm...maybe it's the phase..or dia dah rasa dia akan ade rival! Lyana pun sama....kalau we all gi rumah opah dia..daddy kuar, dia nak ikut.dengan syarat, Mummy kena ikut..sanggup dia amik kasut mummy masuk rumah paksa pakai..selagi tak ikut, nangis cam nak runtuh semua! oh..bilakah nak berakhir!



Orang tua2 kata.. bila budak2 nak dapat adik, mmg dia akan buat perangaiiiii sgt2. As odd as this may sound, I found it to be true. Twice! :D

It doesn't help of course, that usually, this nak-dapat-adik phase, coincide with them being in the Terrible-Two phase. So, twice the terrible!

Am not helping even a bit, am I? Hehe.

What's worse is, they call "Three is the new Two" when the poor kid turns Three. :D

The joy of parenthood, ey? ;)

If it's any consolation though, (as in my case with Afiq), first born boys will bloom into a very loving Abang Long before you know it. So fret not! ;)


Baby-Lyana : Tu lah kita dlm phase yg sama..mmg menguji kesabaran, dgn nak bwk bdn ni lagi..

Ainil : Definitely Ainil, the jpy of being parents..hehe..hopefully he will turn into the loving along like yr son..