Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Preparation

I think its time to go through the number two baby preparation. I've got this list from Shilashower and I'm ticking off mine.



* Steriliser ( Never used one, using the traditional way, hot water)
* Feeding Bottles & teat ( I have no particular brand to go for..tak beli lagi)
* Teat & Bottle Brush (using the current one, or whatever I'm using for Nazif)
* Pacifier &Pacifier Holder (Nope!)
* Drying Rack / Organiser (Check!)
* Bottle Cleanser / Detergent (Check!)
* Bottle Tongs


* Breast Pump (My medela mini-E still in good condition. But I'm thinking of having a dual-pump this time, hopefully Medela FS like my sister is using, sungguh menarik!)
* Breastmilk Storage Containers / Bags ( Storage-not yet, Bag- Check!)
* Breastmilk Storage Organiser
* Electric Bottle & Food Warmer (traditional way, guna air panas)
* Nursing Tops / Covers ( Optional for me)
* Nursing Bras ( Check! Baru put aside for the last 6 months, now kena bukak lemari semula..maybe should get a few new ones..hehe)
* Breast / Nursing pads ( Check! Stok lama ada lagi..)
* Nursing Pillows / Supports (Check! Need to wash the cover)
* Nipple Cream (Never used one)
* Cooler Bag & Cooling Aids (Check! The old ones still in tip top condition)

Since I'm trying for exclusive BF, I'll forgo this part
* Formula Milk Container / Dispenser myself.
* Thermos Flask
* Warmer Bag


* Baby Cot ( Check!)
* Playpen / Playard (Optional)
* Mattress - Latex / Fibre / Foam
* Mattress Protector / Waterproof Pads
* Mosquito Nets (Check! At Mum's house)
* Bedding Co-ordinates (Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheets, Comforters, Pillow &Bolsters) - Am thinking of getting one new set for the baby, except for the cot bumper. Kesian nak pakai yg abang punya..
* Chest Of Drawers ( Check! Bila nak pasang ni Daddy?)

Most of the items dah ada, be it the passed-me-down and new ones.
* Tops / Pants / Rompers / Sleep Suits
* Mittens & Booties
* Thermal Blankets
* Swaddling Blankets
* Hats
* Bibs
* Baby binders
* Muslin Squares
* Wash cloths

Bathing & Grooming:

* Bath Tub ( Need to get one, last time Nazif used his cousin's)

* Bath Seat / Bath Bed / Bath Net ( Need to get one, permintaan TokMama)
* Sponges (Not needed)
* Toiletries (Baby Bath, Baby Oil/Lotion, Baby Powder etc)
* Bath Towels - Check !
* Cotton Wool Balls / Swabs
* Cotton Buds - Check! Still have lots of stock from Nazif presents.
* Baby Comb &Brush -Check!
* Baby Nail Clipper / Scissors - Check!
* Bath Thermometer (Pakai siku pun boleh! )
* Nasal Aspirator / Cleaner (Check! Boleh share ka? Kalo cannot bought a new one lah for the adik)
* Medicine Dropper / Dispenser

Changing & Diapering:

* Changing Table (optional)
* Changing Mat (Check!)
* Baby Wipes
* Disposable Diapers (Considering Huggies for Newborn)
* Nappy Liners
* Diaper Rash Cream
* Safety Pins / Nappy Fasteners

Travelling Necessities:

* Stroller / Pram - Using the current one
* Car Seat - Using the current one which is barely used.
* Baby Carrier - Using the current one
* Nursery Bag With Foldable Changing Mat (Emmm..nak yg baru boleh?)
* Head & Neck Supports
* Sunshades
* Clip on Fan (check!)

Safety & Monitoring:

* Baby Monitor ( We parents have been given the sixth sense..hahaha)
* Baby Thermometer (PENTING! And check! Oh..maybe should change the battery, mcm dah nyawa ikan)


* Nappy / Clothes Detergent
* Clothes Hangers
* Laundry Basket
* Pails

Stimulating Toys:
Definitely hand-me down..
* Toys
* Play Gym / Mat
* Bouncers / Swings / Rockers
* Musical Mobiles
* Rattling Toys
* Mirror


* Parenting Books (good to have one)
* Babycare Books (good to have one)


* Confinement set (Last time I used Nona Roguy, this time I'm thinking of trying another brand, Any Suggestions?)
* Tummy binder - Check!
* Pads (I vote for Kotex!)
* Socks(Nak yg baru!)
* Nursing Shirts
* Sarongs

Well it looks like not many items in RED. So I supposed I should be laid back? Huh..nope..hopefully I can drag my heavy self to takeout Nazif's old clothing and started to wash them. Hehe..

6 apples:

The Momster

I need to buy new for almost everything!! Well, maybe except for Imtiyaz's infant car seat since he's in a booster already now. 5 years gap is just too long! ;)


Nina : Yes, definitely! The best excuse for shopping! What more if its a girl!

Baby Lyana

hehe..i pun byk lom settle ni...uwaaa...tapi dah kuarkan baju lyana masa baby...byk yg i beli kaler putih...and pakai kejap ajer...phew.....but, kena beli tambah sket2 la


Shaf : Tu la..tetiba je rasa masa dah suntuk..Shaf lagi lah, due sblm Ida kan?


Panjang nyer list ni...tapi kalau baby girl ni mesti lagi panjang list dia...fewwhh


Daddy: Amboi2...berkira ker..?? Hehe..sila hulur2 kat mana yg patut!