Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HFMD Update

Today is day 4/5 since Nazif was down with HFM. Alhamdulilah, he's getting better. The ulcers in his mouth are getting smaller too.

Monday was the worst.He refused to drink his milk at all.Actually he did asked for milk, but the moment the teat touched his mouth, he cried. The same thing happened to any food that he initially wanted to eat, but he can't. My parents who were babysitting him were totally worried. Ye lah, all this while he had a good appetite. And lastly the only food and drink that he can swallow were vitagen and jelly. So you can imagine how hungry this boy can be, which made him sleepless that night. Imagine, he slept for 10 minutes, then he woke up..and the cycle went on from 10 pm to 2am. Then 4 am and 6 am.. I was totally bonked out!

Yesterday, he got better. Managed to eat a little bit of porridge, drank Milo, drank plain water and even finished two bottles of milk. That's it. Result? Better sleep pattern last night.

As of today, I really hope he could take his meal as before. The lesions on his feet and buttocks too are getting better. Insya-Allah.

6 apples:

Drama Mama

get well soon dear! takut lak kena HFM ni. nazif jangkit kat mana eh? nursery ka?


Drama Mama : Wallahualam..dah tny owner nursery, so far xde kes for this tu la where else kan?

The Momster

Get well soon, Nazif!!


Momster : Tq!


ntah2 kene kt gambang waterpark tu x??..mana la tau ada bdk kene pastu g maen air...jangkit masa maen air tu....


Ucu : sblm gi gambang tu lidah dia dah start kitorang ingat dia tergigit lidah