Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Latest Book - Tell Me Your Dreams

Looks like trying to catch up with my reading list this year. So, Tell Me Your Dreams is the latest book that I've just finished.

Imaged Googled
The book description:

Computer whiz Ashley Patterson is convinced she is being stalked. Coworker Toni Prescott has a penchant for Internet dating and little time for anyone else. And Alette Peters prefers quiet weekends in the arms of a beefcake artist. They know virtually nothing about each other--until the three women are linked by a murder investigation that will lead to one of the most bizarre trials of the century.

My verdict:
Its like any other Sidney Sheldon book, very fast paced..which means I like it! Can hardly put the book down once you started reading it.This time it deals with murder case which is done by a person with MPD ( Multiple Personality Disorder)..very eerie indeed. Imagine you are accused of murder you thought you didn't do, but the evidence told you another thing..Whoopsy..tercerita plak...and the rest, sila lah baca sendiri..hehe..

So I have these books waiting to be read or already half way read:
1. Cocktails for Three - Madelaine Wickham
2. Dear John - Nicholas Spark
3. The Princess
4. Patricia Cormwell book ( which I forget the title)
5. Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu  - Siti Rosmizah's new book 

And so far I've read:
1. Inspector Singh Investigates 
2. Picture Perfect - Jodi Picoult
3 .For One More Day - Mitch Albom
4. Tell Me Your Dreams 

Emm..still I am long way from  one book per month.

4 apples:


cter ni best. sidney sheldon one of my fave author..


KambingBujang : too!


I think ni among his last books..sedih la dah mati..dah tak de org nak tulis buku best mcm dia..huhu..

tak penah try baca jodi picoult..mcm sedih je baca sinopsis..should check out least kalo tak kena dgn jiwa, tak la rugi sgt sebab murah skit..


MQ : So far Jodi picoult baru baca dua buku pun i baca e-book version. Kalo nak email i nnt!