Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Wet and Wild Weekend..

Hehhe..Our weekend was spent in Bukit Gambang Resort City, in Kuantan. It was fun, fun, fun !(Ikut lagu Barney..).

The trip started on Saturday and exactly at 12 noon we departed from home. And being the F1-driver-wannabe, daddy got us there in just 2.5 hours. Luckily, there's no speed trap! Since check-in time was at 3pm, we went for our lunch at the coffee house first. Oh we were not alone in trip, its kinda small family day with office colleagues. 
The room :Nazif as usual the bed tester (gamba tak ambik habis rupanya)

We stayed at Carribean Bay Suite, Studio room. The room was comfortable enough, with a big bathroom. At around 5 pm, Nazif was all prepared for his swim at the pool..he's been pestering us ever since we arrived..nak air..nak air..! And there you got it! As for me, I'm just the mak-dugong-di-tepian-kolam..hehe..oh I had beramah-mesra time with other colleagues wifeys while eating rambutan.

Nazif was terrified of the horse..apa lah..

After dinner that night, we had group photo session and later on proceed to mini funfair! Yup, you heard me, they had all those rides and games..which as for me mak hanya mampu merenung sambil teringin nak main...huhu..As for Nazif, he refused to be in any of the rides even the slowmo train, which Mummy keeps bugging him to try..(sebenarnya mak dia yg nak naik..hahaha).

The next day, right after breakfast, off we went to the Waterpark!

Mummy and Nazif

Fun in the water with Daddy

At first Nazif was afraid of the water, its our mistake, for taking him to the Coco beach which had waves yg ganas. But later when we switched to kiddy pool, haa..baru lah serasi! Again, I'm just being the dayang-di-tepian, hehe..

Our trip ended when we checked out and later on had our lunch at the coffee house again for the last time. By this time Nazif had started to get cranky..due to tiredness and his early symptom of HFM..

2 apples:

Drama Mama

huwaaa syioknyaaaaa cuti cuti if..malaysia! lama dah we all tak cuti2. huhuhu

irfan amcam nazif lah. takut naik rides. hehehhe


Drama Mama : Yupp..mmg best! Rasanya ada harapan gi lagi sekali..