Friday, July 17, 2009

13 Months Young

It feels like just a few days ago that we celebrated his 1st birthday. And now he turned into another month! Gosh..I'm appalled at the time that just flew in front of my eyes!

Here are some of the things about Nazif's development:

1. He's walking, a few days before he 's one. Checked. And about to run anytime soon. Will follow Mummy and Daddy to almost everywhere! Now we need to close every single door.

2. His vocabulary is getting better. Here are some of the words that I can grab. Other than that, it was babbles!
  • ball is ball/anything with round shape/anything that swirl like a ball. One time we were at supermarket and he saw a watermelon and said 'B-A-L-L'. Ape2 lah labu..
  • fo-wer is flower
  • cat is cat..
  • bird is bird/cat..yeah he got confuse sometimes
  • tup is tutup..refers to tutup botol, tutup lampu..but s'times tutup also means bukak.
  • nenen refers to mummy's booo-bies..
3. Know how to salam and cium tgn..(good practise dear son..raya dah dokat ni haaa..!)

4. Wants to eat on his own.

5. Can drink using straw.

6. When we say, 'Mana gigi?', he would point to his mouth..okla..dah dekat2 ngan gigi lah tu..


4 apples:

Baby Lyana

Happy 13th Birthday!

kejap ade dah besar..

** Perfect Love **

seronok tgk anak membesar kan.. ;-)


Baby Lyana : Same to you..nnt dah nak sethn!

Fida: Ye..setiap hr ade aje mende baru yg dia buat..


sekarang ni Nazif boleh habiskan 1/2 botol Vitagen using straw...lepas minum dia mesti bunyikankan...haaaa (menandakan puas la tu..)