Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant - Part V

Wow..its been quite sometime that I haven't wrote seriously. Ok now to continue my story after my HSG test.

Well the result turned out that I had a condition called RETROVERTED uterus. Its something like people having 'right-hand' uterus' versus 'left-hand' uterus. So mine is like the 'left-hand' uterus. Its a natural condition not something that happened accidentally. So it doesn't mean I cannot be pregnant, I still can but we had to try pretty hard.

Since then, I started to find more information about the special condition. This has not dampen our spirit. We even seek to traditional and alternative medicines. As far as I recalled, we have been to three different makcik uruts, even as far as Kelantan. We also tried reflexology treatment, ate all kinds of vitamins, air penawar and what nots.

So we've stopped seeing doctors for quite sometime. I was hit pretty hard with the last experience and that's why we resorted to traditional method for a while. And then we got busy with our new house that we just put back our plan behind our mind, hoping and praying that our 'busyness' would make us more relax and not thinking hard about conceiving.

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