Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant - Part IV

I hope this post is not yet boring..if can stop here..hahahaha..

In the last post, I said I was traumatic.


All this while, my mind have been set to just have female doctors to attend to my problem. You can't help yourself undergoing this treatment if you are 'shy' when somebody had to check you 'down' there.

So, on the morning of the scheduled test, we arrived at the SMC. I was ushered to a changing room inside the x-ray room, told to change into hospital gown and to wait for the radiologist. So I did as I was told and calmly waited. All this while hubby was outside, no moral support there.

And so I waited,

And a radiologist came in..and its a MAN!! And of course there's a lady nurse assisting. But still I'm not ready for this! All this while I was thinking its going to be a lady ( because I personally asked the doctor, and it seems she conned me lah)

Gosh I was panicked. To back out from the test seems impossible. Nak tak nak I have to make with heavy heart..I shut my eyes and do the test..

It was painful! Emm..more to senak actually..painful because it was combined with shyness..In order to finish the test try to relax if not it will take longer time.

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Baby Lyana

hmm... malunya kan? masa i preggy pun..semua dr cari perempuan..but, when ceasar, bila dr bius lelaki, pasrah ajer la men'togel'kan diri depan dia..huhu



i pun pernah lalui experience yg sama

i buat last 2 yrs

tapi nasib baik dr tu perempuan..

actually its not so sakit like what people said kan

it just rasa senak jer..

tapi masa tgk result tu mcm best jer...blh tgk kita punya tube, ovari n etc...

from there i wonder how the sperm can go through tiny winy tube tu...its so halus n panjang kan..

bak kata my gynae...bagai merentasi lautan pasifik tau...

btw..tak sabar nak baca ur next entry...since am still trying to conceive...

i'll link urs ya



shaf: yer..masa tu mmg pasrah jugakla..air mata siap mengalir tuh..

tymy: hi there..thanks for dropping by and pls come again.. i'll link your too.

Baby Lyana

malu yang amat..huhuh...
shaf nangis dari masa troli di tolak masuk bilik bedah lagi.... sedih, pilu..segala2nya..


ida, conceived while on clomid ke? cepat sambung, nak baca! :D