Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant - Part II

Ok, the last post was about the blood test to check the level of LH and FSH.

So the result turned out to be ok. I am considered normal meaning my follicle generates eggs that can be fertilized by a sperm. In simple word I'm ovulating!..( this reminds me of Monica in Friends).

Then, what should we do next?

The doctor suggested before we further poked the wife with many more procedures..and there's a few of it, its the hubby's turn to be checked. That's simply because the man only needs ONE test to check on their fertility..and that would be SEMINAL analysis.

For further information, you can clicked on the above link.

Where can you have this test done?
Well, you can go to any pathology lab to have this test done. Some of the labs in Malaysia are

And, the doctor refers us to BP Lab in Subang Jaya ( we were living in USJ at that time). And there is a pre-requisite before having the test done..and I'm gonna say this straight not being intimate for 3 days.

Ok one thing to remind beforehand, please don't expect these lab to have the facility like you see in the movie -- having blue film or whatsoever to stimulate the process. The best thing that you can get is a clean toilet..yupp..I don't know about the others that have gone through this, but in our case its the toilet. So wife, please support your husband by any means.

For this, I am really grateful that my husband has been really open minded, supportive and willing to got through the obstacles. Not every man can do this you know.

Ok, I'm done for now.