Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant

I was browsing through my blogs' entries -- the writer's block, remember? Suddenly I realized, why I have not blog about my experience on becoming pregnant? The procedures that I've gone through..and the emotional turmoil that was part of it. I've got quite a number of stories and maybe some tips on some procedures regarding infertility treatment.

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Okay first things first.

When you should go for fertility treatment??
Well according to most fertility dictionary, a couple should seek for a treatment after a year of marriage ( for the wife below the age of 30) and six months after marriage (for the wife whose age above 30)..

Why different time for different age?
This is because, women's fertility period began deteriorating after the age of 30.

As for me, right after we reached our first anniversary and there's no sign of being pregnant, I started to see a doctor at company's panel clinic.

The doctor started with questioning me and hubby regarding our family background and lifestyle. Some questions that I can recall ( Wow..super mind I have!)..

a. When did you get married? (biasa lah..)
b. Do you smoke?
c. Any history on family with fertility problem?
d. Your period cycle

So..the first thing to check was the level of LH and FSH for the woman..ME! Okay now comes the medical jargon. LH refers to Luteinizing hormone and FSH is Follicle-stimulating hormone.

How to do that? Blood sample of course!

Wow..the entry is getting longer. Maybe I should stop now and continue this later. There's a lot more coming up..

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