Thursday, September 17, 2009

15 Months Young

How your toddler's growing: Your baby is growing up fast these days, walking, talking a little, and probably even using a spoon or fork when she eats. Every game she plays, whether it's pointing to different body parts when you ask her to or putting objects into containers and taking them out again, teaches her about the world around her. One of the things she's learning is that she's an autonomous entity, not just an extension of you. How can you tell if your child has grasped this concept? Watch her in front of a mirror; if she recognizes herself and isn't trying to reach out and touch the "other" baby, she gets it.

Ok now from Mummy Nazif:
  • My boy had learned to use his hand and also spoon during his feeding time. Alhamdullilah in eating department he's mighty alright!
  • Definitely very 'rajin' in terms of helping me during some house chores...e.g. sweeping, folding clothes, and sometimes cooking..hehe you know I mean..
  • He could understand simple instructions such as Please pass Mummy your clothes (the one that he ransacked after I neatly folded them), Please take this to the kitchen, Let's take a bath ( he would head for the bathroom)..and many more.
  • Of course more vocabulary like isshh.., hot for hot, chot/shoe for shoes, tatak for kakak, tar for car/lorry/van emm..what else?
As always, Mummy and Daddy totally adore you and we love you..honey bunny sugarpie!

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Happy 15 months young Nazif.. =)

Selamat hari raya dear..

Ampun dan maaf dipinta andai ada salah dan silap dalam berbicara..

Salam Syawal,