Friday, September 04, 2009

The Light of Love

Which is the direct translation of NUR KASIH the tv series..

Just watched the series just now. Haih..I'm slowly addicted to it. I have missed some of the episodes before but I'm not sure I could khatam all the missed episode.

In today's episode, the story mostly took place in Mecca. The place which I missed dearly. I wish I could be there especially in this holy month of Ramadan. Speaking of which, my parents will be flying to the Holy land this coming Monday. They will be there for about two weeks and will come home by second day of Syawal.

Oh, I'll have a facial appointment tomorrow. Yeay! I love being pampared once in while. Nazif will be sent to his nursery..Daddy plak would love to get his car being polished. So definitely Awang Kenit has to be parked at the nursery!

3 apples:


same goes to me....just watch 1st time last week during sahur at kampung. before this, keep on listening to chitchatting of kakak-kakak kat ofis...

very interesting drama I can say....dah berjaya tgk dari 1st episode kak ida...mmg syok habisssss...

x sabar nak tgk next weeknye plak...another 11 weeks to go....:)

berhantu la citer ni....huhuhu


CT : Lagi 11 weeks eh..aiyoo...lama lagi nak abih..

Drama Mama

ohhh sanngat suka cita nih! oh another 11 weeks ka..hehehe tak sabar tunggu friday!