Saturday, September 12, 2009

Iftar at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

This actually took place on the 'Ong' day 090909. Only now I managed to put up an entry.

We were invited for Iftar at this new hotel. After work, we fetched Nazif and went straight to Pullman. Since we were early, we managed to stroll around the hotel area. Nazif was the happiest because he could roamed around freely..

Among many places, the staircase was his favourite..aiyaya..

The verdict?

Being a new hotel, it was totally gorgeous! I mean in term of its architecture and design. The hotel was divided into several wings, where by each wings represent different sets of architecture for example Chinese, Malay (those two I can recognized, but not the other one).

Food wise? It was moderate. Lots of stalls with variety of food but in term of taste, not so much. Emm..maybe I can't enjoy food that much for I had to take turn with hubby to eat. Sometimes I had to bring Nazif outside and let him roam free because this little fella were already restless due to the loud music.

By the way this is our first time having Iftar outside from home for this Ramadan..the record have been broken!

2 apples:


Ida, I know how it felt..mmg kdg tu rasa tercekik telan makanan, but I guess that's the price we pay for raising the kid on our own..

takpe la time anak kecik kita as parents bekorban, esok dah tua, harapnya anak tu nak bwk kita mkn2, suapkan kita pulak bila dah tak berdaya :)


MQ : Itula..cukup le sekali tu berbuka kat luar..hehe..balik ke asal, mkn di rumah!