Monday, July 11, 2011

The Lost

Thursday, 11.44 pm was the day that our family lost our beloved grandma. She had peacefully left to meet her Creator surrounded by her husband and beloved children at Hospital Serdang. I have written in some of my previous posts, that she fell and broke her femur bone. And since then, her condition kept worsening.

But to me, that's the best path that Allah had paved for her. Had she survived, she would be bedridden until we don't know when. Her children was given the opportunity to take care of her until her last breath.And her final journey on this earth was escorted by all family members. I even got the opportunity to bathe her last bath. Her burial was accompanied by a perfect weather, in the Holy month of Syaaban and holy day of Friday. Alhamdullilah.

The sadness, of course is something that we all can't avoided. But all of us 'Redha' with her passing. This may be a bit harder for my grandfather, her life partner for more than 50 years. I pray that she will be blessed and be in the position among great syuhada'.

Al-Fatihah to my dearest Tok.

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