Friday, January 27, 2012

The Day

Its been a while, kan? Almost two weeks since my last post. Actually there was one major thing happened on the day that I updated about Nazif's kindy progress. The day I thought I almost lost my son. It was the time that I felt time moved so slow...Only now I felt about writing it and this I dedicated to my beloved Nazif Irfan.


I can't described how I felt the moment  I knew you were not at the nursery when I picked you up. Your caretaker told me you were not there the whole afternoon when I asked them. They thought you were with me. I knew you were at the kindy in the morning because I sent you there. "Ya Allah, where is my son?" that was all I could say. I was imagining all sorts of worst thing that could happen to you. My heart felt heavy, but I don't know where my strength came from, I could still think rationally. I called daddy then I tried calling your kindy.

At that time, I don't have your teacher's mobile number, only the school number.I tried calling but no one picked up. But Alhamdulilah I remember, there was a mobile number on your kindy's banner. So I drove there with Adik Naqib. Thankfully Adik sort of understood the situation at the moment, he just kept quiet. And also thankful that daddy has the transporter number, so he also tried locating you through the transporter.

I called your kindy's teacher, she told me she personally sent you to the transporter that afternoon. After a few calls here and there Mummy finally able to locate you through your teacher and daddy. The transporter has sent you to other nursery which has almost same name and in the same area. The teacher told me she will guide me to the nursery. But when I get the direction from daddy, I wasted no time, I drove myself there.

When I reached the nursery, I saw you in the front lawn, watching other children playing. You must me wondering why Mummy sent you there. When I picked you and hugged you I can't help it but I cried. And you just said, "Mummy, orang besar mana boleh nangis". You look so pure, naive and I just can't stop myself from kissing you all over with my tears.

I asked the caretaker, why don't they contact me when they receive Nazif. He was wearing the school tag with my number and his real nursery address for God's sake! The least they could do was call me! However I just thanked them for taking care of him in that short time. I am in no state to blame who's right or wrong at that time. All I care was my son is finally safe and for that I'm thankful Ya Allah.

So Nazif, you may not understand why you were there that day. You may think Mummy has sent you there purposely. But it was the most terrible 30 minutes of my entire motherhood life. I am thankful in part because you safe from any harm and you were protected by Allah. I always pray now, and forever for Allah to always protect you dear.

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The Momster

gosh! i can sense the panic there... but yes, no point pointing fingers right?

hope all is well again! :)


Ya Allah, seram dengar ni Ida.

Syukur Alhamdulillah everything was OK.

Hugs to the boys. :)


bergenang air mata as I read this..he must be so confused..nasib baik la tersalah nursery dari tercicir kat mana2..thank god..but then tu la apsal la daycare yg salah tu tak call je..mmg la bukan budak jagaan dorang tapi common sense kan..hai ntah la org sekarang semua main amik mudah je..yg penting syukur la your son selamat..


Momster : Yeah..panic kuasa infinity! Rasa hati jatuh, hilang everything..alhamdulilah all is well now..

Serene: Yes dear..Alhamdulilah my boy is OK. Hugs to your children too..

MQ: Kalau dok sesaje and teringat that day, mmg rasa nak nangis lagi..even when I wrote this entry I'm crying! But again tabahkan hati dan bersyukur sbb semua selamat.