Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Visit To Zoo Negara

After Bird Park a few months ago, we've decided that its time for zoo! I'm the one who's excited for the visit. The last I've been to the zoo was 17 years ago. And this is the first visit for my boys..yeay hubby too included.
So, to commemorate the historical moment for these first timers, this picture is a must! We arrived there around 10.00 a.m..and the sun was so bright!

I went there with an open mind, I knew the ticket price was considered not cheap, meaning don't expect value for money kinda thing. The zoo was operated by non-government body, so funding was a problem. I've been to the zoo 17 years ago and luckily I can't remember much. 

Upon entering, we bought the map..RM2.00 and yes you have to pay for the map. Then prepare for the smell of the animals..yeah it stinks a bit at first but eventually later the smell will pass once your senses blend in, hehe. There's an animal show at 11.00 am and we managed to catch up with it. The stars of the show also remains; the sea lions, parrots and i-forgot-what-animal-that-hang-with-its-tail.

The animal show

We covered most of the animals on foot, except the reptiles and insects. So, it was a form of exercise for me. Sweating like I'm on marathon, even though I'm just pushing the stoller..well with 15kg toddler in it! Naqib plak, managed to do his 'big business' while touring, memang meninggalkan khazanah sungguh.

This toddler that kept 'ordering' Mummy to push here and there..cepatla Mummy!
The giant tortoise, the camel, the lonely monkey and animals in savannah..
Miss Elephant, Mr Giraffe and Rabbits!

From my observation, the animals' cages were very old and not very well maintenained. These must be due to the cost of operating too, from what I've been told when we bought sugarcane for Miss Elephant, they ate around 300 kilos of plants per day..and that was for one elephant. Not counting other animals! I saw volunteers too who came and their job was cleaning the animals cage. So really salute them, the volunteers!

We finally wrapped out our visit around 2.00 p.m. It was scorcing hot by that time and we were pretty hungry from all those physical activities. I just bought the fridge magnet as souvenir and one bottle of honey (from bee zoo).

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