Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Naqib Turns 16 Months

Adik Naqib turns 16 months today! 

Wahhh..he's sort of big boy now..he played very well now e.g. arranging and keeping toys like cars, legos. He knows when I took out his clothes, it is bath in short he understands simple instructions...

His favourite word definitely 'Nak..nak', for almost everything! And 'Nanak' for things that he doesn't want.

If he wants milk(boobies) it will be Nak with a pat to his chest.
If he wants milk(bottle) it will be Nak and show bottle.
When he finished eating and drinking from his bottle..also Nak..(i think he means 'Nah' actually).

Naqib also Mummy could say a 'gadget boy'. He loves remote control, phones, ipad and computers. Pretty much knows how to unlock ipad and open some of the applications. And its also the start of sibling rivalry. Dah pandai berebut toys and gadget from his brother.

Naqib the curly haired boy, people keep saying he looks like a girl..
Buat muka cheeky..
Another significant thing about this little boy of mine is I should say, he's very very very clingy to me! Yes..clingy to the max! Always wanted to be carried, followed me every where, and doesn't want other people at all. Well no 2 is daddy, then ucu and tok abah. That's it. Other than that, sorry. What ever lah adik..lucky that you doesn't weigh much. If not it would be very very tiring for Mummy to carry you.

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