Friday, January 06, 2012

Nazif Went To Kindy

Yesterday was a history. It marked another important milestone in Nazif's life and my mummyhood diary; which is Nazif attending his kindergarten! Alhamdullilah Ya Allah, for giving me this chance to see my son finally making this big step in his life.

Waking him up in the morning, definitely comes with challenge yesterday and today. At the kindy yesterday he managed to stay cool, not a single tears coming from him until the last hour which was when he needs to take the transport home. So Mummy had to come to rescue him, which at first I planned to watched him from afar.

But today, in the morning he resisted wearing his uniform, which I just complied. And the moment we sent him in, he started to cry. Well I might say most of his classmates cried today compared to! Maybe they had just realized its school after all and mummies and daddies won't be around to join them. But today, this Mummy had to be 'hati keras'..and leaved him. Well I hope today he'll manage to take the transport back to the nursery.Oh I hope I didn't sound to harsh..

Ok now its piccas time..
Anak teruna Mummy, when he first arrived yesterday.
School bag and water bottle
Tengah tukar baju, the moment dpt uniform
Warming up session..dok melekat kat Teacher Atiqah
Remain calm and cool...Alhamdulilah

Nazif's class and his classmates.

I really hope that I had made the right the decision for sending him to playschool. Its time to loose my strings a bit around him though its hard. When I told my mom about this, she just chuckled and said..haa now you know how it feels like when sending your kids to school. Its tough..well actually time will heal..just like when I first sent him to the nursery ( which I cried buckets at office just thinking about him). 

3 apples:


welcome to the schoolyhood Nazif....:)


Ni Genius Aulad ke? I'm thinking nak hantar my son in 2013..heard that they have afternoon tak yah la nak bgn pagi2 buta..and from their FB katanya ada parent ada alasan la mama nak mengendeng, jadi volunteer pon sanggup..janji boleh tgk cemana anak kat sekolah 1-2 minggu pertama tu..hahaha..things that we do utk anak :)


MQ : Genius Aulad..mmg ada afternoon session starts 1.30-4.30 pm. My son in the morning session.