Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Months Young

For his 10th monthly birthday, Nazif would like to make a post here goes the 'speech',

Hello !
I am so happy today because Mummy said I turned 10 months ...actually I don't know how to count yet, but I'll just listen to what Mummy said, so 10 it is.

That's me, smiling for Mummy's camera. Mummy likes to put me in the cot while she and Daddy get ready to work. Actually I prefer Mummy to cuddle and play with me when I woke up, that's why I like to cry for Mummy's or Daddy's attention.

Ooo..Mummy said to write about my achievement..what is achievement?

I know that I'm getting heavier. Last time I heard the Dr told Mummy that I'm already 8.6 kg. Mummy still cannot carry me around like she used to, her tummy still hurt sometimes. That's why Daddy will always carry me around. Ooo..I like cars, be it daddy's car or the F1 toy car. I like to play with the steering wheel too.

I am still toothless, but I like to eat! Mummy still cook my porridge and sent it to the nursery. Sometimes I ate the food from the jar, but I don't really like it. But I love it when Mummy or Daddy allow me to 'taste' adult food, and that's why I gave them my flirtatious eye blinking to show them that I truly like it. Oh I also can wave bye-bye now. This is what I do when say my goodbye when Mummy and Daddy pick me up from the nursery.

I'm good in house-keeping too you see..I like to take out my toys and toiletries from their baskets. When I see magazines at the coffee table I get excited! You know how I love to read..that's why I took out one by one magazines that has been arranged by Mummy..

Ok, I'm getting tired here no wonder, its quite a long post..I think that will be enough. Bye!

3 apples:

mil kassim

Happy 10 months old Nazif dear!!!
Auntie geram tengok Nazif yg cheeky nih,
so don't forget to ask mommy when she wants to have a photo session for you baby darling?
Heheh ;)
Lots of love from auntie :)

Baby Lyana

Happy 10 months Nazif..

Berat Nazif dah sama Lyana dah.. ermm.. tapi Lyana dah ade sebatang gigi yg comei.. hehehe... dan juga sudah pandai mengemas..


Happy 10th month birthday Nazif..first time dalam gambar Nazif senyum..biasanya asyik buat muka terkejut jer..hehehe