Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flowers and Stripes

Last weekend was spent in tranquility..chewah..(flowery punya ayat). On Saturday, we went for a birthday party, and for dinner me and hubs treated the whole family plus Maksu's family ; to a steamboat dinner. --> My dear sistah Liyana, sorry you had to miss it..later2 I blanja ok? ( I know you are reading this..hahahaha)

On Sunday, we had a dose of house-cleaning..not my me but by our monthly maid! Wah, my house is really spanky clean! Also we had people from Macy came for curtains installation for the bedrooms. Later on, people from another curtain shop came to measure sliding door and small window at our living. We chose a combination of those fabrics above to suit our current furnitures..FLOWERs to represent me..and STRIPES for hubby (he specifically request it).

On more happy notes, my little boy is finally teething! Two little pearly buds have made their debut exactly a day after he turned 10 months! So far no biting drama yet..hopefully takde lah..Ok lastly I'll leave you with this 'budak-masam-baru-bgn-tido' in the 'it' action (tgh nak melabur...) hahaha..naughty Mummy. Please Nazif don't get mad at me ok?

4 apples:


waaaaaa pasang langsir baru...:)syoknya...

errr monthly maid tu...mane nak dpt ek kak ida? x larat aaa nak kemas umah tu berdua je ngn hubby..


tak pasang lagi CT..hehehe baru oder..

monthly maid tu dpt dr maksu k ida, cleaner kat opis murahla compare dr ambik kat agent.


waaaa menarik...die dtg ke kite kene amik? die nak job lagi x?

baguih x die wat kije?


kena gi amikla CT..keje dia oklah..better la dr nak buat sendiri kan..heheh