Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Neno's Award

Thanks so much Siti for giving me this award! I'm not sure what the mean of Neno. But I'll just go through with it!

And here go the rules:

1. Letakkan logo award ini di blog anda/


2. Anugerahkan award ini kepada 10 Blog yang anda anggap paling berinspirasi dan sangat mesra.

  1. Siti - sweet Mom and friend..very thoughtful and loving..this award goes back to you dear.
  2. Ziah - environmentalist in the making..hehe
  3. Jiey Mien- an online friend, truly tough and inspiring person
  4. Shaf - uni friend, who tells inspiring story of from her daughter's POV.
  5. Nina- old skool friend, where we keep in touch thru this blog world
  6. Sufy - mama of Adam, whom I always share our son's stories.
  7. Jaja - mummy to two sons, cheerful and friendly.
  8. Dura - Its been sometime she has not updated her blog, so I hope this will..
  9. Lyd - Mommy of two..ops going to three.
  10. Ainil - Same as Ly-d, she's also pregnant with her 3rd.

3. Pastikan anda menyatakan penghargaan ini melalui “backlink” dengan blog yang anda anggap paling memberikan inspirasi dan mesra dari blog anda.

I'll try..hehe, but if I don't you know you've been tagged!

4. Informasikan penerima award mengenai award yang mereka terima dengan menyatakan komen di blog mereka.


5. Berbagi cinta dan sayang untuk penghargaan ini kepada pemberi anugerah ini.

What does this mean? I considered this done, hehe.