Sunday, April 05, 2009

Back From The North

It was sure a tiring trip..

My baby is now down with fever..sian anak Mummy..

However, most of the items planned was executed successfully..hehehe

First, a trip to Pasar Pagi in Kulim to search for rm 10 tudungs and also for northern delicacies that used to be my favourites during my growing up time. So mama and me went 'wild' with some tudungs and we managed to grab apam lenggang, nasi lemak 60 sen (yeah, and its a lot!), kuih dangai, etc..the only thing that cannot be found was the Pulut Sambal..and guess what the food only cost us about rm 6 and managed to feed 6 adults! Sorry there's no picture as we were really hungry by the time we reached tok's house.

Then, we went further north to Alor Setar to visit my Tok Nab which used to be my pengasuh when I was small. Then, another visits to a relative and Mama's friend. Lastly, before we headed back to Kulim, a pit stop at Joned's Cafe for a dash of Char Koey Tiaw and Koey Tiaw Special..sorry also no pictures..hehehe..

Lastly, a mengurut session in the morning before going back to body felt a little bit lighter although my stomach was excluded from the massage..on the way, we dropped by my sister's house in Shah Alam for a late lunch..

And today, we did the laundry and just relaxing around the house..tending to my sick baby..ok..want to watch to F1 now..

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