Thursday, April 30, 2009

Corn..Corn Go Away..

Its not corn the fruit..

Its the corn or should i put it plural CORNS under my right toe..haiyahh..its getting worse by day.

What is Corn?
A corn or callus are areas of thickened skin that occur in areas of pressure. They are actually a normal and natural way for the body to protect itself.

From :

I first detected when I was pregnant. It was not painful at all, that's why I just ignore them. Suddenly walla! Dah 'beranak-pinak'.. instead of ONE, it is now FIVE small dots..but it still corns! Its ugly!

How to get rid of them? I've tried the corn solution bought at Guardian. But the problem is, it contains acid which will also eat away my healthy skin around the corn. Thus I stopped using them for a while. Tried picking/slicing it, still the roots is still there. I'm too afraid to slice it too deep.

Remedies such as corn paint, cure or plasters will generally only treat the symptom of the corn and not the problem that causes it. These chemicals contain acid that are supposed to 'eat away' the corn, but the chemical can not tell what is corn and what is normal - it will eat what ever you put it on.--> No wonder all my skin mengelupas!

I should try what my mother recommended. GARLIC!

3 apples:


huh? got ek such thingy? bagi tgk gambaq skit bley....? ni bahasa melayu die ape? ketuat ek? ke kematu?


ketuat rasanya..

Baby Lyana

yup..ketuat.. dulu, i got at my hand.. my grandma suruh giling daun sekati emas..letak atas ketuat tu..letak dalam seminggu, terus baik.. hmmm..tapi, susah nak carik daun tu..dulu, nasib neighbour sebelah rumah ade daun, senang la..