Monday, August 17, 2009

14 Months Young

Nazif is 14 months today!

My, my my.. my baby has grown up so much:

  • Eating time with him is now quite a challenge. In a good way, he started to eat on his own. He likes to use his hand to squash his food..sometimes he even wanted to feed me instead of Mummy feeding him. The outcome? Its a MESS!
  • Very good in 'house-keeping'. Everything in a container will be gracefully poured by him!
  • Knows his tummy and tongue! When we said Mana perut? He will 'selak' his clothes and show his tummy!
  • Oh, my son is quite vain I tell you! When he sees himself in the mirror he will gaze and smile to himself..hahaha..
  • He understood some instructions too.. like pass Mummy the book, come to Mummy, go and kiss Daddy..
  • More vocabulary like phissss for fish, op jatuh, tatak for kakak..
  • Oh..what else? He recognize a round shape so far, so that will be the first block he'll took when playing with shape sorter.
  • He is so into books! Yeay..He would pick up his book, bring to me or his daddy and asked us to read to him.

2 apples:


Syabas Nazif, daddy sangat berbangga dgn perkembangan Nazif...keep up only a GOOD work..


ucu pon sgt bangga dgn 'perkembangan' saiz nazif..hahaha