Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Remember Me This Way..

This song brought back the memory of my final year in secondary school. This song was famously dedicated among friends that were about to leave the school at that time. So it was very fehlong2 one at that time...hahaha..

Oh our batch that we called ourselves G78 even had our own song..mana eh lyrics tu..later2 I 'll search for it..

I heard this song when I went for breakfast at one of the kopitiam near to my house last week..

Jordan Hill - Remember Me This Way

Every now and then
We find a special friend
Who never lets us down
Who understands it all
Reaches out each time you fall
You're the best friend that I've found
I know you can't stay
A part of you will never ever go away
Your heart will stay

* I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life would just be kind
To such a gentle mind
If you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way
Hmm……….. this way

I don't need eyes to see
The love you bring to me
No matter where I go
And I know that you'll be there
Forever more apart of time, you're everywhere
I'll always cares
(Repeat *)

And I'll be right behind your shoulder watching you
I'll be standing by your side and all you do
And I won't ever leave
As long as you believe
You just believe
(Repeat *)
Nak tau lagu cemana? En Google kan ada!

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