Thursday, August 20, 2009

Child’s Education, which way to go?

A chit-chatting during lunch time with some colleagues has brought me thinking about this issue.

“Pagi tadi aku telepon cikgu sekolah anak aku, tanya dia apesal byk sgt homework?”

His child is four years old and went to SR school.

“Kita dulu tadika mana ada homework-homework nih. Byk main-main aje”.

“Anak aku masa awal darjah satu kata mende ni dia dah belajar kat tadika.”

So mothers, what do you think?

I know it’s a hot topic right now. Especially we mothers are now more exposed to various child’s rising method if compared to our ancestors. We want our child to be so-called genius, brilliant and maybe can read as early as two years old. So we exposed our child to flash cards, learning toys, educational DVDs and much other stimulation.

And we found that many child centers and pre-school that promote different methods like Montessori, Shicida, Kumon, to named a few. And the fees for this type of school of course; it’s quite mind-blowing. They even had tests. And pre-school nowadays even have parents teachers day where report card were given.

But come seven years old and these children attend the public school. Here, mostly they will go through again some of the things that they already learned in their pre-school. Will their ‘geniuses’ can grow more or will they shrink? I know children get easily bored and this may cause them to not pay attention in the class.

What if my seven year old son who used to love school hates it now?

What if my seven year old son who used to be brilliant in pre-school now has bad results in his exam?

The many ifs.

And then come the many Should I do this? Or Should I do that?

'Take my hand and show me the right way, Mommy'

Ahhh..the joy of motherhood. I should have expected that. :)

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Interesting topic to discuss. Pada saya, back to the parent and kene relate juga dgn trend masa kini.

Ada parent mmg x kisah on kids education. Ada parent yg mmg obsess nak jadikan anaknye genius to the max.

Mcm saya plak, I want my kids to grow happily but yet we have to think of their future juga coz nowadays kids at their early age mmg dah expose to lots of things. Tak mcm kita or our parent dulu-dulu. Takkan la nak biarkan anak tu sakan mainnnnn and tgk TV je sedangkan kengkawan at her age dah pandai 3M (on average la..)And kita tak tau another 5 or 6 years, apa trend nye, and if we do not expose the kiddos at their early age, can they cope with those changes? We never know kan...

Ape-ape pun, its up to the parent. At least our kids be at the average level among her friends, that should be OK....too genious is even better if the kid love and enjoy it..:)

just my 2 cents...

fara / ly-d

in kakak's case, our aim in sending kakak to pre-school was to allow her to socialise.

as the one disadvantage of leaving kakak with my parents rather than sending her to a nursery is that she is not used to being around other kids, or adults and is extremely clingy when we go out to friends' and families' houses.

so learning to read, write and count was secondary and an added bonus.

i think it pretty much boils down of what you dream for your child and how you adjust these dreams after realising where their core strengths and interests are.

for kakak, as of now - i can see she's more the artsy fartsy type.. but is also conscientious in completing her school work.. so i am fine..

in order to make her more active, her baba has suggested that she goes for tae kwan do - and alhamdulillah, she's loving it.. and just sat for her 7th grade examination.

and not to forget, on the religion side, to recognise the quran...

people do say that children at this age are like sponges, they will be able to absorb as much as you can throw at them.. but make it as play rather as a chore :) then it should be fine..

good luck with identifying a playskool/preschool for nazif


CT : Tu la CT, budak2 skrg sgtla advance, so nak tak nak we have to make sure at least our children is among the average..

Ly-D : I still have an ample time to decide,hehehe..kot mana pun he's in taska now and so far he's got no problem mingling with kids around his age or older.