Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant - Part VI

Still at my installation of getting pregnant journey..dah macam Star Wars punya installation hehe..Well now onto my 6th part.

So, we stopped seeing the specialist for a while and tried our luck with alternative methods. And we also kept our time busy by planning for our new home.

We moved into our new pad around August 2006.

Before that around June, I’ve met with my cousin who had similar experience like we do, but now she’s pregnant with her second child. She had treatment with the infamous Doctor H.A. and was immediately pregnant after a month she went for operation. She had the same condition like me –Retroverted uterus..and Alhamdulillah she had successfully conceived. Based on that, I finally mentally prepared myself to meet the doctor..A MAN.

So, after raya in 2006 we set an appointment to consult the doctor. First time upon seeing him, we truly felt comfortable. He's just like atuk2 type, very soft spoken and professional. During the check up which was the V-J-J scanning..not the ultrasound yer..there's always a female nurse that accompanied him, and my source of strength...hehe..siap pegang tangan nurse tuh..again the tip..please relax yourself.

And upon checking my condition, he suggested for an operation to be carried out. That’s because with the condition that I am in, I’m prone to develop endometriosis and it looked like it started to build up already. So, before it got worst, we better prevent it! And with that we sat and discuss for the date immediately.

The date for the operation was set two weeks from the day that we met. No delay delaying..

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