Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant - Part VII

It seems that I have been abandoning the installment of my getting pregnant series, hihihi..

Back to the day that I was being operated. If I was not mistaken the date was on 19 November 2006 which was Monday. So on Sunday, Me and hubby admitted ourselves to Pantai Hospital Bangsar. I was told to start fasting from 11 pm onwards.

In the morning before the operation, I was given a tablet to clear up my bowels..adeh I totally forgot the name. And the day before, a nurse came to 'clear' up the 'down area'..Gosh I was totally embarrassed!! I never expected there's another tip, if you gotta admit yourself to the hospital on such cases, or even before going into labor, you should clear up those area yourselves...And I did before I went into labor last time..well that's another story altogether.

Before they sent me down to the OT I was given a jab to make me sort of all that I remembered was me being transferred from one bed to another..I can't count how many. But I did remember being so cold when they placed me on operation table. And then just as the anesthetic mask was placed, I was ZZZZ...

I woke up to sound of my name..and zap my stomach felt the pain! Gosh it was really really felt like somebody has just put knife in it (of course la kan..) . After sometime I was brought back to my room. The day passed with me still being drowsy from the anesthetic bius. I did not eat the whole day and cause my stomach filled with wind..a simple sip of water also made me vomit and it was very painful..just imagine lah..

Alhamdulilah the next day I was able to wake up and after almost two days of not eating, I was eating like a cow..I was given a month of MC..

So? What did the doctor do?

He removed my cyst, repaired my uterus position, cleaned up my fallopian tube from excess fat and lastly sort of cleaned up my uterus by doing D&C.

3 apples:


You are such a brave wife..

Baby Lyana

perghh rasa cam sakit giler...ceasar pun dah kena buang fibroid... heheh..serik la kena operate


Daddy : TQ for the appreciation

Baby Lyana : Mmg sakit..lagi sakit dr C-Sect..and after effect pun lagi teruk sbb full bius kot.