Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Month of Love *Hugs*

December is my month of LOVE..(Gedik mode!)

 In two weeks time, well be celebrating our Seventh Wedding Anniversary!

S-E-V-E-N I tell you! Why? Tak percaya?

Me myself can't believe it. People said the first five years of marriage is the period of adjustment and involved many kinds of trials. I guess its true. The biggest trial in our marriage was definitely to become pregnant! Well there are other things too, but that's the major one lah for me and hubby.

To recap of things that we did for the last six years of our far as my memory can recall:

1 st Year - 2003 : We did a makeover for our bedroom.
2nd Year - 2004 : We did a garden make over. But the garden doesn't last that long. We are no green hands I tell you!
3rd Year - 2005 : Emm..just went for a date. We were saving for our new house at that time. So that's just it.
4th Year - 2006 : I think same as the year before. Oh but I got a designer handbag from hubby. So yeay!
5th Year - 2007 : We were not together at that time. Hubby was away in Bangkok! But I got the best gift ever! I was pregnant!
6th Year - 2008 : Lunch date at Restoran Seri Angkasa, Menara KL! Just the two us. Hehehe..felt like lovey-dovey couple! Our gift, our six month old son at that time which was left at the babysitter!

Yeah, our celebration were simple and not that romantic..ekeke..but that's how I like it.

So what do we plan to do for this anniversary?
Its for me to know and for you to find out..later..hehehe..

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Shopping Queen

happy 7th anniversary ida. kejap je dah 7 tahunkan? i remember attending ur wedding kat muo 7 years ago. semoga berbahagia sentiasa hendaknya. :) kalau buat makan2, jgn lupa jemput kami hehe.

btw, our 6th anniversary is on this coming saturday. still no idea what to do. *if sk reads this: i want a new handbag please ;)*

hugs to nazif!

Shopping Queen

oh, lupa pulak. thanks for linking me up! :)


KS : Hehehe..Happy Anniversary to you too!! And Hugs to both of your boys!! Wahai sk, belila beg baru kat ks yer!!