Monday, December 14, 2009

The Weekend to Remember

We had a blast at PD! Altho this little boy of mine was not fully recovered, but we did enjoy ourselves!

We headed for PD on Saturday afternoon. Had our lunch there at one of the mamak's and then we checked ourselves into The Thistle Port Dickson.The hotel was great, I loved the interior and it is very kid's friendly. The swimming pool was great and Nazif had his first experience of dipping and swimming here.

The Hotel

Lots of greenery..very nice indeed..Nazif had fun running  around and I had fun chasing him around!

The Room

The bed tester ready, oh the room came with LCD TV and WiFi...but being on holiday mood, mak tak kose nak blog2 bagai ni kan..Oh the mattress adalah sgt best gitu..

The Activities

Nazif was terrified at the water at first sight..aiyaa...he just sat at the poolside and played with the water spray..tgk tu siap nak panjat keluar from pool lagik...hahaha..but after a while we managed to get him in the pool, yeay!!

At night, we went out for dinner at Nasreen Songkla Seafood. The food was not bad but the place was packed to the brimmed! Luckily the service was fast enough but Nazif was not very cooperative that night. So simply had to take turn to eat.

We checked out the beach the next morning.  Again just like at the swimming pool he was terrified. But luckily the waves were gentle slowly he warmed out to the water. Then we continued at the swimming pool again. Then its time to checked out!!

Overall, its nice to be away may not be an extravagant celebration for our wedding anniversary,but I certainly felt so. Thank you hubby for being the great YOU.

Happy Anniversary To US!

4 apples:


happy anniversary!!

i too believe in small quiet celebrations than big extravagant ones.

must take note of this place the next time im back...looks good!


naper nazif nmpk seroh sket bdn nye??sbb demam ke mummy kurus kn gambar dia..hehehe


It was a very short stay anyway...the hotel is very nice. Nazif was the happiest person among us because having a complimentary stay at this five star hotel...


Rina : yes, definitely recommend to this resort! The Thistle!

Ucu : Itu baju mandi tight fitting maaa..sbb tu nmpk slim melim..