Friday, December 25, 2009

Peraduan Gores dan Menang

I believed most of us must have came upon this type of contest. My two cents of it? Never trust them AT ALL.Especially when someone approached us somewhere in the parking or anyplace that matter, unless its a contest organized by recognized organization.

As I came upon this article yesteday, I remembered about one experience we encountered.

One hot afternoon, there's a sales person that went about our taman, from one house to another stating that they were organizing a 'Gores dan Menang Satu Juta'. Well, he came to our house and dunno why suddenly I'm so rajin to entertain this person, but just from inside my door, I never once invited him in..Cautious rite?

So, there I was gores and gores..and passed the paper to him when suddenly he got down on his feet, his face was an expression of awe, surprise and the likes..he went about like this..(please read in Chi*nes* slang..)

'Akak, akak sudah Menang SATU JUTA'
'Ini memang tidak pernah terjadi!'

Oh My Gosh! I was trying so hard to contain my laugh at the moment! He definitely was acting but of course not convincing!

Yeah, I didn't  fall into his trap. I just said,

'Oh ye ke? Takkan le takde orang menang lagi'
'Takpe lah kasik hadiah itu sama orang lain'

And he just left. SEE??

4 apples:

maya amir

hahah... ko buatlaa ketawa gedik2 ke dik?hahahah


pernah terkena memang ingat sampai mati...


please...jgn lah percaya kat dorang ni


Maya : Ntah la time tu tak rasa nak gedik..wakaka..rasa nak halau je mamat tu gi lari jauh2!

Daddy : Ye..ingat ye..jgn terperangkap lagi sudahla..

Onniey : Yup, don't ever2 trust such people!