Wednesday, February 17, 2010

20 Months Young

I've suddenly realized that my boy is 20 months today! Another 4 months, he'll then be 2 years!!

One thing for sure, he now calls himself as 'Ajif.'. And for the record, I managed to NOT BF for almost five days now..can this be official?..i dare not say yet..sometimes he came to me and asked for his 'tek', but I managed to divert his request by saying 'Mummy nyer sakit' and offered him water or milk instead. Of course we had to bare his mood swing occasionally especially during night time when he would suddenly wailed, screamed and cried.

I guess this maybe the course of his fever..demam rindu kat ehem Mummy..

4 apples:


kesian Nazif bila tgk dia meraung meminta susu that time i wish i could give mine..hehehe

Baby Lyana

hmm..lyana pun till now, kalau malam minta dia hilang gian, pastu suruh dia lepaskan..before that, sebelum tido, make sure dia minum FM..1st few weeks memang now alhamdulillah ok..insya-Allah lama2 ok la nazif for now, almost 6 weeks lyana FM...tgh mlm kadang2 aje mau lepas gian....selalunya, bg dia penat terus suruh tido..or tricknya suruh dia tido atas riba while watching tv, then angkat masuk bilik...hmm...


Daddy : Awat tak habaq awai nak offer diri?

Shaf: Nazif sblm tido ok..dia boleh tido sendiri..cuma yg terjaga tgh2 mlm tu lah yg dia tiba2 bgn mintak.

Baby Lyana

ohh senang la camtu....lepas i bg FM before tido, Lyana dah jarang gila bgn tgh mlm minta...subuh pun x minta..dia tidoooooo lena aje