Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now and Then

Every pregnancy is different..that is true so far in my case. Or I'm starting to have the second child syndrome?? Wakaka..

Then : I only had light nauseas in the evening.
Now : All day nauseas, especially after meal. My mouth always taste funny and I hate it!

Then : I'm not that sensitive to smell..
Now : Can you believe I can't stand the smell of my fridge? Yeah..believe me of all things I hate opening the fridge. I sometimes can't stand my own perfume if I sprayed too much.

Then : My tummy still not showing at this point of time.
Now : I felt like I'm already 4 months pregnant.

Then : Only experience heartburn when 7 months above.
Now : I already had gastric and heartburn on my 10 weeks..

Then : Hubby only had me to take care practically I'm a princess..hahaha
Now : Hubby had Nazif to take of..and I had to carry my ownself..huhuhu..

However, maybe age factor also contributed to physical factors are not as strong as when you are in twenties, now I'm in thirties..

But above all, at this point of time I'm truly thankful for hubby's presence. He's the one who took care most of Nazif's need especially when it comes to cleaning his poopoo..

BTW, wishing you all a great weekend and Oh can't wait to have this weekend appointment with my doctor.

5 apples:


Dats wat people always said right? Every pregnancy is different, so we (almost) doesnt know what to expect.

Take care!


take good care of yourself ok..selalu mmg camtu kan, kalo yg first tak susah, yg second tuhan uji lebih skit..bukan senang nak dpt anugerah dan amanah seorang anak ni..


agreed with Mimi....every pregnancy is unique sebab anak2 tu sendiri adalah unik......

papehal pun, do take care ye

so another 2010 baby ke baby kak ida ni???


Mimi : Yup..mmg different sgt2..nnt agaknya baby pun perangai lain dr abg dier

MQ : Ye bukan senang. Masa first dulu, nk dpt susah, peknen senang. Ni dpt senang, peknen susah sikit..kira balanced out lah.

CT : Sempat lagi nak join baby 2010!


congratulations ida! i think i'm a bit late to wish? hehehe.