Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of the Hardest Decision

Is to wean off Nazif from my boobies..when I first discovered that I am expecting I still don't mind continuing BFing my not-so-little-boy. I did some research on the internet and found that it is okay to continue with BF even when you are pregnant as long as there's no complication whatsoever. 

During my first check-up the doctor at first couldn't found my made me so worried. Then after trying here and there, then only it is found. It seems that my uterus had somehow has turned backwards --> retroverted, but insya-Allah and I really hope it will turn to the normal position as the pregnancy move. Thus the dr has prescribed me with Duphoston ( just like my previous pregnancy).

Oh back to weaning off Nazif. Why such decision? Its because ever since I'm pregnant, my nips have become super-sensitive that it makes BF was such a pain. There's no joy in holding and cuddling him anymore during the feeding time and I was so traumatized everytime he want to latch on.

So now it has been two days that the process has started. I'm taking baby-steps by reducing his feeding. Yesterday, I tried putting on those 'asam jawa' and for once and twice he was into the trick but later he was smart enough to clean off the thingy and continue to BF..huwaaa!

What I need now is to be really consistent in my action plans. I do welcome any tips and tricks and even doa from you guys if you have experience this before.

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wahhh da ada isi ke??
congrats dear!!!


Hi there, salam perkenalan!
my first time here. Congrats on ur big news ya!


Jiey : yes dear, ai dah berisi you...thanks for the wish!!

Mimi : Hi Mimi, Salam Perkenalan!! Thank you for the wish too!

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waa good news
mmg sedih nak hentikan anak BF
same to mee~~ masih BF lagiii