Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm sure at one point of time, your child may have this feeling, JEALOUSY!

Well Nazif sure has this. Towards me and hubby!

Whenever he saw us sitting or laying side by side, hugging or just plain hand holding, he would sure 'buat muka'. If we were watching TV, he would switch off the tv to show his jealousy. Or he would throw whatever toys or books that he's playing or reading before.

Well, in a way his jealousy has became my latest 'secret weapon'.  Last night, he refused to clean up before bedtime and moreover he got poo poo in his diaper. After much persuading and coaxing I was already on the verge of anger. Lastly when I finally ran out of idea, me and hubby decide to ignore him by laying together. And walla...! He just stopped playing! And as usual, switched off the TV and just 'buat muka' sedih. And I slowly persuade him to clean up and he just obeyed! yeay!!

But again, we'll see how long this 'secret weapon' can last. 

4 apples:


muahaha ngn mummy n daddy pon da jeles...cmner la ngn adik nnt..haha

Baby Lyana

hahah..sebiji cam Lyana...hahah....kelakar! Lyana plak, sesiapa pun x leh pegang Mummy @ Daddy dia...letak tgn atas peha pun mau diamuknya....

i lom try lagi bab kemas rumah...biasanya, sebelum tido, dia akan tutup tv, make sure my lappie swith off, semua lampu tido! sgt susah nak suruh kemas brg2 yg dia sepahkan!

Drama Mama

wahhh nazif, jealous ngn mama papa ehhhhh!

haaa samaa la irfan pun. we all slalu suka buat dia jealous, sometimes we cuddle on the couch, dia tak puas hati sure datang nak meyelit jugakk! haha


ucu: harap2 jgn le jealous ngan baby nnt

Shaf: Itu ler..nak beramas mesra takleh tunjuk depan2

Drama Mama: Bestkan sekali sekala menyakat budak kecik nih?