Friday, April 30, 2010

Big B and Babies

Its Friday! Alhamdulillah.

Happy news again..wah asyik2 happy news je's good, so kenalah thankful kan.

First, the big B was in yesterday..yeah!Again, Alhamdulilah, tho the amount yg LHDN dpt boleh tahan BYKKK..a bit stress there..

Second, I've became an auntie again. Yes, my dear sister Ayni has safely delivered a baby boy yesterday , weigh 2.5 kg ( so cute and tiny maaa) Kelana Jaya Medical Center. So Nazif is no longer the baby in my side of family..hehehe..

The latest grandchild of Tok Abah & Tok Mama

As of now, the baby has no official name yet. So we only address him as Muhammad for the time being because that's gonna be his first name.

Thirdly, today marks my 20th week into the pregnancy. Which means, I'm half way already to the big day..well if the baby decides to pop out in the 40 weeks. But looking at history it might be earlier. Amazingly during my last check up, I did not put on any weight from the previous one , but luckily the baby is growing very well and I pray it will continue doing so. The kicks and turns are becoming more frequent now. Only one thing that bothers me now is the pain on my left side of my tummy which is the result of being seated for too long. This only happens on weekdays mind you..and based on doctor, it was due to my operation scar ( the appendix one..). 

Thus I'm considering to buy the support belt to reduce this pain. Anybody here have tried this during your pregnancy?

5 apples:


Welcome to the world dear Muhammad...bila la nak p visit ni...


Bila tengok baby baru lahir, terus nampak Nazif seperti big boy...

maya amir

comelnye muhyammad itteww:)..ida, bile due?


cute baby!!

congratulations on your pregnancy, my guess its going to be a girl next! hehe

and i used the belly belt from mothercare, it worked brilliantly for me and its cheap too. the belly felt so snug and no wobbles! hehe. really, really comfortable hence i was really active throughout...working, driving until i delivered etc!


CT : Ayni still kat rumah dia in Shah Alam kalo nak visit

Daddy :Yer dah big boy dah...

Maya : Aku due mid September Insya-Allah

Rina : Thanks Rina. Yes I hope its its a girl too looking at the shyness the baby shows during the check up kan. And tq for yr info regarding the belly belt.