Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gadget for Children

I need some opinion regarding which gadget is suitable for children 1-5 years of age..

Laptop kah?

Netbook kah?

Ipad kah?

Ipod kah?

Among these, which is worth the investment, in terms of time, applications and etcetera..what do you buy for your children?

7 apples:


we had Ipad/Ipod?lappy. but those gadget is not exactly for our kids. its for us, but we allocated like 2-3 hour for them to use those and toys are suitable gadget for kids.just my opinion la.

Baby Lyana

i agree with Kambing Bujang....the gadget are not for kids..its for adult actually...yes I bought laptop for Lyana too...but it's a laptop for kids...3 years and above..where she can press a letter, and they teach your kids to pronounce, etc....


kak ida, baiknye nak bagi anak2 those mmg x bagi la...just tumpang few hours lappy kitorang je...itupun takat layan starfall and few other acceptabel sites..actually bagus kenalkan anak2 with lappy, somehow my kids leart to know alphabet and reading and spelling via our lappy, but to buy special lappy just for them tu...xde la teman nak layan dee

else, y dont u try vtech? lappy for kids yg alphabet tu pun OK juga...

just my 2 cents..


Huda, Shaf, CT : Actually mummy dia pun nak tumpang sekaki gak gadget2 nih..not solely theirs lah.


laptop pon ok..boleh bagi anak belajar menaip, chat ke, video call son has access to one laptop lama n occasionally my laptop..hubby plak bagi dia guna iphone, ada certain apps sesuai utk budak2 so ok la..ada dulu kitorang beli laptop mainan tapi my son tak suka sebab bosan, tak best mcm tgk youtube or FB kat laptop betul..haha..hubby ckp once dah pandai guna laptop nak belikan anak dia macbook..huhu..apa nak buat..anak sorang la katakan..haha..


MQ : Wah..Macbook tuh..bertuah la anak!


ipod and ipad are good. my girls learn A LOT especially alphabets and numbers from those gadgets.