Monday, January 31, 2011

Nazif and Potty Training Story

Nazif is considered halfway through his potty training. It looks like he's the one who is more ready than his parents started a few weeks ago, when husband was away.

Firstly he refused to wear his diapers. Usually he will quickly put on his pants when we say jom pakai diaper..

So okayla..terpaksala atur time to take him to toilet for pee.When I took him to the toilet, at first nothing came out. But after a few attempts, he did it! Wah..wah..he was overjoyed..*time tu muka vangga tak hingat when beramai-amai applaude him*. Siap cakap "Ajip cincing..ajip cincing.."

And I have one time that was really funny when I think back. I was getting ready for Asar prayer at that time, my sister was occupying the toilet, and Nazif was playing in the same room as I am. So okla I asked him, do you want to shi-shi? Nope..okla..start le solat..But then half-way, I heard like bunyi meneran *kusyuk dah ke mana hala* and dah gelabah.. terus stop. Turned around and there he was, at his signature pose for the big business! Wah..Mak dah terlompat bukak telekung and screamed for my sister who was in the bathroom! I panic you!

"Ayni cepat! Nazif dah nak berak! "
"Nazif wait..jom gi toilet" --you should see his face terkejut badak tgk Mummy kelam kabut..

But him agaknya terkejut tgk Mummy sebegitu rupa, terus 
" Nak yak pempers..nak yak pempers"..dgn rupa nak nangis..hahaha..

So, put on his diapers..But guess what! I think due to terkejut, terus terbantut nak buat big business..all thanks to Mummy yg panic!