Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Here, But I'm Not

How do I say this. Ok I'll give you one example.

One day I was at one of  fast food outlet which offered free wifi. Well, its the norm now, restaurant with wifis.So while hubby was away to order food, I just looked around and observed the crowds. Most of them are with laptops or netbooks. Right beside me, there's a group of three girls, two with laptop and one with handphone and just arrive with their orders. So masing-masing opened up their laptops and phones while munching away their food and hardly any conversation could be heard. I could see they were on FB..typing while eating.And after they finished their food, they kept their laptops and leaved.

I found this rather 'interesting' and disturbed. I don't know about you, but if I were with friends, I would definitely like to be engaged in some kind of conversation. Not a virtual conversation but the real eye to eye conversation. Well what's the point of meeting someone in person but the conversations are being done in the virtual world?

I know I'm not the one who's addicted to these social networking thingy and that's why I found this situation rather annoying. I have been in a situation where my lunch partner was busy with her hand-phone (on FB) while we were having lunch together. Hey, I'm trying to have a chit chat here, but you are 'busy'. Might as well I lunched on my own rite?

So, now I hope you understand the title of my post.

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The Momster

The downside of technology. Not everybody thinks it a bad thing, but I do!


Momster : I agree!


Kan? Annoying giler :)
I used to sit with friends in a cafe and watch them on their BB non-stop while you are having a conversation with them.... geram je rasa.

Baby Lyana

well...i am addicted wwith FB (just playing the online game)..i have BB too...but when out with family & friends...I just put inside my BB inside my handbag and let it be...if there's notification for FB, let it be...just check it later...kalau phone bunyi because of a phone call @ sms, then baru la terhegeh2 korek handbag cari phone... kenapa org tak bleh buaat camtu? <<---- cam bagus je i kan? hahahah...kadang2 browse BB while waiting for the fofod to arrived and Danial was sleeping and Daddy dan Lyana windowshopping :)


Shikin : Geram geram...dlm otak tu siap terbayang nak buat rampasan handphone..hahaha

Shaf : Well, its good that you can balanced out..browsing phone kalo xde company yg boleh bersembang tu, I understand, because I pun buat jugak..