Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smart Parents Richer Kids

Currently I'm hooked on this book..

After reading three chapters, I've realized some of the steps and methods that are mentioned in the book are the ones that I have been through during my growing up years.

For example, my sister and I got rewarded with our dream toys when we achieved good result ( being top 3 in the class). At that time, having a barbie doll was my dream, and yes I got it. But to accessorized the barbie dolls with beautiful clothes did not come into the package. So, we saved our pocket money to get them or we made them from our unused clothes.

We also took great care of our things like watches and school bags because my father sort of imposed the expiry date for those things , well based on his experience. During his time, he used his school bag for six expected us to do the same. Well, for me during my primary time, I remembered using one bag from std 2 until std 6! 

So now as parents, I really hope I could follow the same steps that I have been through before. Yes, I admit, looking at children clothes and toys could left me salivating..yeah, me not them! So, its my mind that I need to strengthen with.

5 apples:


mana aci...xdapat pape pon bila dpt no 1...;(


Ucu : Sbbnya biasa2 pun dah selalu dpt hadiah..hahaha..sila bersyukur yer!


ha ah, ucu time tak yah dpt no 1 pun dah dpt 'hadiah'. our time kena belajar pandai2 baru dpt hadiah

maya amir

yeah..hopefully ape yg mak apak kite terapkan pada kite, buleh gk dibuat kat anak2 kite especially tang reward tu.. bukan rasuah ke hape kan..tapi bagi pembakar semangat..mslhnye budak2 skang demandnye lebih sgt..heheheh


Maya : Budak demand maybe sbb ikut kawan2 kita mak bapak kenala tabahkan hati ye dak?