Friday, March 04, 2011

My Breastfeeding Journey

I don't think I've ever shared my Breastfeeding story in details after I delivered. Well, that's because I didn't consider myself 'successful' in this journey.

Yeah, I didn't get to BF my son exclusively for the past 6 months. I only managed to exclusive breast feed him for only 16 days. After that, I have to top up with formula, until now. The feeling, at first I was devastated. My son was admitted for jaundice at the hospital and he lost more than 10% of his weight and his weight at that time was 2.31 kg while his birth weight was 2.7 kg! Of course the doctor was alarmed!

Since I was not rooming in with him, I had to send my milk supply. My pumping only produced 0.5 oz and at most 1 oz for one session. Which definitely is not enough for my son. Fortunately, my sister had some  of her  frozen milk left at my mom's, so I topped with that too. When the supply no longer can keep up with demand, the hospital gave him formula.

Even after he was released I tried my best to limit his formula intake, which is to regularly direct feed him. But sadly, it was not enough for him. And to not grant him with formula was not an option because I need to get him to gain back his weight. I was so obsessed with his weight that I'm willing to do anything to achieve that, which to give him formula. I tried to make stocks for after confinement, which I only managed to make around 40 bekas dadih (2-2.5 oz each). And in just a few days, all had been used up.

Until today, I still pumped at the office, 3 times and only sometimes 2 times. The total milk produced usually ranges from 6 to 8 oz. So sikit kan? But for me, ALHAMDULILAH. Whatever being pumped, I will sent to the nursery next day along with formula milk. At least for me, this time around I was much better than during Nazif's time.

Tell me what I didn't do to increase my milk. Pegaga, sawi, lobak putih, longan, dates, Shaklee breastfeeding set, regular pumping, regular feeding, you name it. I've tried them. I tried not to stress too much, fearing stress would further reduced my milk production. So I just let it be just as it is..I can just pray. So yeah, breast feeding is not that sap-sap soi, au is a learning process and for those who are mentally strong. I admit, I am not that strong..

* This is all because my longan drink turn sour this morning because I forgot to put them in fridge*

7 apples:


Its ok Kak Ida. Kak Ida je tau efforts done to achieve your target. Yg pentingnye dah berusahakan..

Xpe, mungkin leh try for d next bb plak..:P


CT : Thanks CT..yer..insya-Allah kalo ada rezeki, akan cuba lagi utk next baby..

Baby Lyana


ohh now i patut bersyukur sbb i exclusively bf danil until 6 months and till today....nak kasi petua pun x tau, sebab i didn't take any of the milk boost...maybe i kuat mkn kot..nasi 2 pinggan penuh 1 hari...roti...susu...oatmeal....and air yg sgt banyakk......


Shaf: Yes, you should be thankful dear..hehe..Ida ni kalo nak kata x cukup air, rasanya minum bergelen2 jugak..nak buat mcm mana kan.


takpe long as kita tak stop berusaha nak memberi insyaAllah ada :-)
dah try tanya lactation consultant?
i know sorang je..Rita Rahayu, and slalu baca LLL website..take care!u're doing just great!


haah ida.. still pump three times a day? walaupun hasil sikit?
that's a lot to be applauded for.
sebab aku ni pemalas nak pump.
pump masa driving balik kerja je.
I should be very thankful susu ada.
i should be thankful mampu beli medela fs.
kalau tak.. lagi pemalas agaknya.


klynn : yes..walaupun hasil sikit..pump juga bcoz i'm using FS. Kang rugi jer tak pakai..huhu..