Monday, April 11, 2011

Dinos Alive!!

Last Saturday, we went to see Pai-da-sore!! Nazif was really excited when we first told him we gonna watch dinosaurs. He kept telling ' Ajip tak takut pai-da-sore kan , Mummy?'

Muka excited nak tengok pai-da-sore!!

Adik Naqib yang cool, start jalan je terus lelap..

We were here!!
For your information, the entrance fee is RM 10 per adult and RM 5 per children aged 4-12 years; under 4 is free!! So, we just paid RM 20 for the tickets and the parking is free too.

The famous T-Rex..
The crowds were unbelievable! Most of them were children of course. And how about Nazif, when he saw the crowds and an ocean of people? Berdukung je lah jawapnya!!

Muka Nazif yang takut tengok T-Rex!
Adik Naqib yang blur je tengok all those Dinos..he's just happy to be carried around!

Happy again!!
Actually the exhibition was on two levels. But my camera's battery went kaput right after we went into the discovery and learn section (the above picture). There were a lot more dinos on the second floor, but Nazif was too scared when we enter the place ( because its dark too) went through really fast on that level.

In short, it was rather interesting visit, the dinos and the Pusat Sains itself. The Dino exhibition will be there until end of May, or is it extended to June?

5 apples:


interesting!! thinking of going there too tapi lom decide bila nak pegi..


CT : Ye silalah pergi..sempat lagi kot cuti sekolah nanti..

maya amir

aku really interested nak gi sini bawak bebudak..haishh nape kl jauh sgt bunyinye ye..


sepatunya ambik jer gambar masa Nazif melaung-laung ketakutan..hehehe. But Nazif was not the only boy crying. There were few more children crying like hell whenever saw the T-REX open its mouth and show its scary teeth..


Maya :I think this is yearly event...takpa..tunggu sihat dulu noo..