Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Monday

We had an early weekend, due to Naqib not being well. He was down with fever, my guess its because of his jab a few days back. And then, Mummy too was not very well with running nose and cough. *Sigh*..

Oh well, on the other hand, Nazif turned 34 months yesterday..I think I'll stop writing monthly basis about him..the updates could be anytime he reached the milestones or when something new came out. For now, he still poop in the diapers..Mummy still takleh nak saikokan dia poopo kat toilet..

This is the usual conversation we had whenever he said he wanted to go to 'sekolah'

Nazif      : Mummy Ajip nak pegi sekolah besar... ( sekolah besar for Nazif is the kindergarten..)
Mummy  : Boleh...tapi Nazif kena u-uk kat toilet tau kalo nak pegi sekolah..
Nazif      : Macam Abg Azeem , Kakak Alysa kan? Kan? U-uk toilet kan.. ( his cousins)
Mummy : Ye..mcm Abg Azeem , mcm Kakak Alysa..nnt kat school sapa nak pakaikan pampers? Kan? Kan?
Nazif     : Yee..Ajif u-uk kat toilet kan?
Mummy : Ye..kita u-uk toiletlah lps ni kan..ok? Tadi kan Nazif u-uk pakai pampers?
Nazif     :  Mana ada!! ( Dgn muka tak bersalah..seriously..)

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