Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Its Nazif current OBSESSION since I was in confinement. And me as the Mummy are already at the edge of puking at the image of Ultraman and the gang. Tolong..!! Tolong!!

The first thing in the morning when hubby tucked him in the car to the nursery, he would asked for his ultraman 'kecik'.

The first thing in the evening when I reached home after work, he would asked for Ipad. He would watched his ultraman through youtube. Mind you, he knew just how to find when I'm busy with other things..through youtube history! So yesterday, to limit his time watching the ultraman video, I secretly hide the Ipad...

There's ultraman cosmo, taro, tiga..even ultraman jahat..At first I thought isn't Ultraman supposed to be the good ones? So I googled..there was Evil Ultraman..

I had lost count on how many Ultraman figures that his Daddy had bought for him..there's small, big, the loud ones..but mostly had disfigured. Hummm..should have thrown them..ASAP!  Last night, he managed to 'pow' another set of Ultraman from his daddy..haih..I think hubby had reached his limits too!! And there's also countless sticker books on Ultraman. Luckily he didn't asked for baju ultraman or beg ultraman or bottled water ultraman...Ngeeee!!

The latest, he said he wanted Ultraman cake for his birthday. Huwaaaa....!!!

Oh dear, when will this Ultraman phase stop?

2 apples:

maya amir

hehe.. ade anak member aku suke ben10..mcm nilaa peel nye..mana2 ben10.. buleh berguling kalau tak dpt ben10..


Maya : Ni pun samalah..boleh mendtgkan drama kalau x dpt ultraman, or ultraman tetinggal..