Thursday, April 28, 2011

Milk-A-Deal : DFChannel Photography Review

I managed to secure a voucher from Milk-A-Deal promotions somewhere in Feb. My one hour session was booked around mid Mac. And we chose Taman Tasik Perdana (out of three places given) cause I thought maybe after the photo shoot we could extend the day to nearby Bird Park.

So here are some of the snapshots from the session.

Urghh..i Look F-A-T
Overall, for the price that we paid ( RM 42 if I'm not mistaken), I think it worth that much. But the experience that we got is something that I would not want to do it again.. hahaha..I mean it feels like we were on marathon all that time.
  • We were a bit unlucky I guess because the weather on that day was not on our side. Even though its raining, I was practically sweating all over!
  • The place that we chose too was not very conducive either, there were lots of mosquitoes and my hubby was more concerned on that than posing in front of the camera. And no, we didn't managed to go to the Bird Park after all.
  • It is one hour session, and Nazif took sometime to warm up to the photographer. So most of his pictures were 'not in the mood', 'masam', and clingy. 
So, based on that experience I would simply recommend these for those who would want to take outdoor photos with children and babies on tow:
  • Go for a CHILD Photographer. In my case, I have done before with Littlestori Photgraphy. And so far I enjoyed the session because we were very laid back and no rush!
  • You can plan ahead on the type of props you want to bring. It feels more personal.
  • The photographer knows how to tackle children. That's the most important thing.
Overall, the service is OK.

4 apples:


Luckily Huda tak beli, mula2 cam excited nak beli. tapi bler igt yg amirul ni tak camera friendly and widad lak cam kecik lg and takut she's not in the mood. trus cancel

amirul pun ada gak toy woody...


ye la kak ida, its better to choose service yg dah biasa coz kids moods are varies....dgn org x biasa...lagi la susah....
tapi mmg la amat murah harga yg dibayar itu...

as my case, i just love thelittlebigshot photography ..:)


Huda : Beli tu utk test the water bak org kata..sbb sblm ni my boy ok je bab2 ambik gambar ni

Nazif punya Woody dah patah kaki sebelah..

CT : Geng little-little lah tu kan..yup I think I'll just stick with Littlestori..tgh plan sommthing pun..ehehehe


I always tell parents that the outcome of the photography shoot will always depend on your baby’s mood. It’s really difficult to predict how babies will really react, but some tips that I give to families are:

1. Make sure your child has enough rest the night before / afternoon before the shoot. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’d be grumpy too.

2. If your child has never been to the park before and you want to do a shoot in the park, I really don’t know how he/she’ll react once he sees grass. Might be a good idea to visit the park as a family a few weeks before the shoot so that you can introduce the little one to grass. (and possibly bugs too!)

3. Bring some snacks in case your child gets hungry. (or if the parents get hungry!)

4. Expect to sweat. Malaysian weather can be unforgiving at times… so dress comfortably!

5. Just play with your child during the photo session. Don’t get upset if things don’t go the way you expect it to. You can never force kids to look into the camera when they don’t feel like it, or haven’t warmed up to the photographer. The more flustered you get, the more likely you won’t get the type of photos you’ve been hoping for.

Last but not least be punctual =)

Have a great mid-week!