Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time is not in our hands..

It is still early in the morning, and I truly miss my boy...


I felt like i don't have enough time cuddling and playing with him yesterday.

We arrived later than usual to pick him at the nursery yesterday due to TRAFFIC JAM! I hate it , I hate it, I hate it when there's an accident. We arrived at the nursery 15 minutes to 8 p.m.! That late you know! By the time we arrived, I can already heard Nazif' crying..huhuhu..I'm so sorry dear!

So our time together was cut short yesterday. On usual day, me and hubby usually picked him up around 6.15 pm. We usually straight away went for dinner or if my RAJIN mood around, I'll cook. Then when we arrived home usually at 7 pm..we will play, read or watch his CD/DVD together and at the same time fed him dinner. Nazif usually went to sleep around 9.30-10.00 pm.

Well, that's the sacrifices of working mother, huh?

What do you usually do during weekdays with your children? For working Mom like me?

5 apples:


sob sob...same case like me perasan dlm kete tuhan je yg tau..rase nk lompat je pick up my, terpakse le call bbysitter minta dia bagi adam biskut mentara ibunye dlm traffic yg teramat x suke...nak nangis rase...

pagi ni...sian...but mlm tadi terus pickup terus pi dinnner sesama...mandikan dia..then, dpt la 1-2 hours play with him...

we are same long we are working mummy...


Yesterday daddy drove a car like crazy just to pick nazif before 8 o'clock. Poor Nazif has to wait so long...eemmm


if only there is a nursery or kindergarten nearby to our company...huhuhu....


blk keje 1st thing kene buat is main gomol2 dulu. lantak pi la kat umah yg sepah2 tu. so bile anak dh puas main ngan parents baru la kite leh start buat keje...... kalo tak sure dierang cranky. ini yg i practic kan sejak ade anak.


sufy : betul sufy, rasa mcm nak kuar keter and lari je kat jalan tu..lagi cepat smpi kot!

daddy : len kali bwk berhati2 tu bukan racing car!

sue : yes, if i wish there'll be one. Ni sue mana?

Elyn: Betul tu Elyn, kalo balik tu buat keje lain mesti anak tu nak ngendeng jugak kat kita..end up tak leh buat keje jugak.